BENZ GLA Class 12V - Red

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Product Overview

New available in Red

Licensed Mercedes Benz GLA Class 12V ride on Car is one of the most luxurious Mercedes cars in the world with 100% high-gloss latex, high-tech, high-capacity, and absolutely non-luxury. lost the cute look of the electric car children. Compared to other children's electric cars, the 653R children's electric car has something special.

  • The only car with cooling system from 2 wind fans near the steering wheel to bring the most comfort for children to play.
  • Sliding chair for slide closer to the steering wheel -> suitable for all ages of the baby
  • In the pedal form, there are 3 different speed / medium / slow modes to suit all ages
  • The only vehicle that the headlight system has two different brightness modes
  • 65Vehicle type: Electric car for children with 2 operating modes: baby self-drive or remote control
  • Dimensions: 126cm x 64.5cm x 60cm
  • Battery: 12V7Ah

Capacity: 65kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review